MX-7090N / MX-8090N Sharp Photocopier

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Have a Question about this product?

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MX-7090N / MX-8090N
Print Speed: 70/80ppm (A4) 41/45ppm (A3) 39/43 (SRA3)
Copy Speed: 70/80ppm (A4) 41/45ppm (A3) 39/43 (SRA3)
First Copy Time (OC/SPF): Colour: 5.6/5.1 sec; B/W: 4.0/3.7 sec

The MX7090/8090N Sharp photocopiers is built for fast, high-volume printing in large-scale settings. Whether at a large company, government office, university, or research centre, it produces beautiful colour documents with ease.

Refined Sharp MFD technology delivers an optimal balance of productivity, quality, and user-friendly operation and a powerful Fiery® printer server option adds further versatility to the MX7090/8090N that can already handle a wide variety of documents.

15.4-Inch Colour LCD Touchscreen

A large, high-resolution touchscreen provides an easy-to-use graphical interface featuring a clean design, simplified Easy UI mode, and integrated operation guide. For easy viewing at the desired angle, the control panel can be tilted front to back and side to side, and the panel’s support arm can be rotated.

Fiery® Print Server

Paired with an industry-leading EFI™ Fiery print server, the MX7090/8090N becomes a powerful integrated solution for managing professional in-plant and busy on-demand printing environments. Two options are available to match your needs: the multifunctional MX-PE13 external server, or the more affordable basic MX-PE14 embedded server.

Direct Printing/Scanning

Insert a USB drive into the MX7090/8090N and a print/scan command screen will automatically pop up on the LCD. Right away you can print files from the USB drive—which are displayed as thumbnails—or you can scan documents directly to the USB drive.

Paper Setting Registration

The MX7090/8090N’s Paper Setting Registration function allows instant recall of pre-registered media profiles. It stores up to 1,000 media profiles that include front-to-back registration settings, data on fusing temperature, and data on the type and weight of paper used.

Link to Cloud Services*

An MX7090/8090N doesn’t just connect to your local server. It also connects with cloud services directly from the MFD’s control panel. You can upload scanned data to Google Drive, Box, OneDrive for business, or SharePoint Online—or print directly from any of them. *MXAMX2 is required.

Link with Mail Servers

Scanned data can be conveniently sent via your regular Gmail™ or Microsoft Exchange/Online account. Sending e-mail is as easy as choosing a recipient from your address book on the mail server.

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