MX-M3070 / MX-M4070 / MX-M5070 / MX-M6070 Sharp Photocopier

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MX-M3070V / MX-M4070V / MX-M5070V / MX-M6070V
Warm-up Time (Power Button): 30/40ppm: 14sec or less; 50ppm: 16sec or less; 60ppm: 18sec or less
Print Speed: 30/40/50/60 ppm (A4) 15/19/24/28 ppm (A3)
Copy Speed: 30/40/50/60 ppm (A4) 15/19/24/28 ppm (A3)
First Copy Time (OC/SPF): 30/40ppm: 4.5 / 7.4 sec; 50ppm: 3.7 / 6.6 sec; 60ppm: 3.5 / 6.3 sec
TEC Value (Measured): 30ppm: 1.7 kWh; 40ppm: 2.3 kWh; 50ppm: 3.0 kWh; 60ppm: 3.6 kWh
Sound Pressure Level (Noise): 30ppm: Standby 14dB, Operating 55db; 40PPM: Standby 17dB, Operating 55db; 50ppm: Standby 17dB, Operating 56db; 60ppm: Standby 14dB, Operating 57db. Measurement with MX-DE27 N, MX-RB25 N & MX-FN31

Shift your enterprise up a gear with this forward-thinking mono photocopier range. These standout black-and-white MFD's Sharp photocopiers boast the same design concept, user-friendly UI, and advanced functions that you see on Sharp’s latest colour MFDs. They're packed with carefully considered features to help you create, manage and share documents. 

This photocopier series also comes with a build in retractable keyboard as standard.

Whether as a central standalone machine or as part of an MFD network, these MX-M Photocopiers accelerate document workflow in your office.

Easy User Interface

The intuitive Easy UI mode makes it easy for anyone to use the MFD’s advanced functions. In this mode, simple function icons are displayed on the 10.1-inch colour LCD touchscreen. Each user can customise the home screen by drag-and-dropping icons for commonly used functions, making for smoother, more efficient operation.

Super-Efficient Output

These copiers deliver a fast output of 30/40/50/60 ppm (long edge feeding). The first copy comes out in just 3.5-4.5 seconds, saving you valuable time when performing multiple short-run jobs.

Wireless Connection

These photocopiers offer ultra-handy wireless access via two easy modes, enabling convenient access to the MFD even from places where a wired LAN is not available.

Output Finisher Options

Plenty of photocopier finishing options to suit a variety of workplaces and applications.

Link to Cloud Services*

Doesn’t just connect to your local server. It also connects with cloud services directly from the MFD’s control panel. You can upload scanned data to Google Drive, OneDrive for business, or SharePoint Online—or print directly from any of them. *MXAMX2 is required.

Link with Mail Servers

Scanned data can be conveniently sent via your regular Gmail™ or Microsoft Exchange/Online account. Sending e-mail is as easy as choosing a recipient from your address book on the mail server.

Multi-Layered Security

Sharp's powerful data security solutions protect your business assets and give you peace of mind. These Sharp photocopiers safeguard your sensitive data by employing multiple levels of security functions covering a broad range of network and data security needs.

Sharp OSA® 5.1

Innovative Sharp OSA technology allows you to interact with critical business and network applications right from the LCD control panel, offering a new realm of control and convenience. And since Sharp OSA utilises industry-standard network protocols, these photocopiers can easily integrate with document management systems, enterprise resource planning software, workflow applications, and more.

File Downloads
  • WLN_YcED7kM SRA3 Paper Support - Sharp Photocopiers
  • yXHEfj9Mxdg Printer Driver Screen - Sharp Photocopiers
  • 6PbEB0VgSSY Print Release - Sharp Photocopiers
  • YEpQY9iOCvQ Home Screen Customization - Sharp Photocopiers
  • is4v15mkgBM Enhanced Auto Colour Mode - Sharp Photocopiers
  • 6Yi6_QDOEi0 Easy Mode - Sharp Photocopiers
  • 7RmXqsvSnV0 Motion Sensor - Sharp Photocopiers
  • nmK7ciIUw_s Cloud Services Single Sign On - Sharp Photocopiers
  • MNNHk2kzJgY Highspeed Scanning - Sharp Photocopiers
  • GH-dsYTmzs8 OCR Scan to Office - Sharp Photocopiers
  • wIouefnYxGY USB Direct Print - Sharp Photocopiers