MX-M6570 / MX-M7570 Sharp Photocopier

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Have a Question about this product?

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MX-M6570N / MX-M7570N
Print Speed: 65/75 ppm (A4) 34/37 ppm (A3) 31/34 (A3W)
Copy Speed: 65/75 ppm (A4) 34/37 ppm (A3) 31/34 (A3W)
First Copy Time (OC/SPF): 30/40ppm: 4.5 / 7.4 sec; 50ppm: 3.7 / 6.6 sec; 60ppm: 3.5 / 6.3 sec

The user-friendly Sharp MXM6570/7570N Sharp photocopiers is a brilliantly versatile B&W document solution for the modern office. Flexibility is in the DNA of this MFD—you can configure it to fit your office needs exactly.  

Packed to the brim with advanced features, it produces documents of consistently high quality. At the same time, it’s easy and intuitive to >use for anyone on your team. So, if you want to streamline document workflow in your office, bring the MXM6570/7570N on board.

Colour LCD Touchscreen

Colour LCD Touchscreen

A user-friendly touchscreen interface incorporating an Easy UI mode makes it easy for anyone to use the MFD’s advanced functions. In this mode, simple function icons are displayed on the 10.1-inch colour LCD touchscreen. Each user can customise the home screen by drag-and-dropping icons for commonly used functions, making for smoother, more efficient operation.

Multi-Layered Security

Sharp's powerful data security solutions protect your business assets and give you peace of mind. The MXM6570/7570N safeguards your sensitive data by employing multiple levels of security functions covering a broad range of network and data security needs

Wireless Connection

The MXM6570/7570N offers ultra-handy wireless access via two easy modes, enabling convenient access to the MFD even from places where a wired LAN is not available.

Convert Documents via OCR

OCR capability on the MXM6570/7570N lets you convert a scanned document into a searchable PDF file or into an editable Office Open XML (docx, xlsx, pptx) file.

High-Efficiency Scanning

The MXM6570/7570N comes equipped with a highly efficient 150-sheet DSPF. This scans both pages of two-sided documents in one pass. With a scanning speed of up to 100 opm* (one-sided A4) or 200 opm* (two-sided A4), this MFD can finish even large projects quickly.

Two-Way Sharing with Mobile Devices

Connecting an MXM6570/7570N to one or more mobile devices is easy, and it expands your options for sharing data. Not only can you send scanned documents to mobile devices and tablets, you can also print documents or photos sent from those devices.

Link to Cloud Services*

An MXM6570/7570N doesn’t just connect to your local server. It also connects with cloud services directly from the MFD’s control panel. You can upload scanned data to Google Drive, Box, OneDrive for business, or SharePoint Online—or print directly from any of them. *MXAMX2 is required.

Sharp OSA® 5.1

Innovative Sharp OSA technology allows you to interact with critical business and network applications right from the LCD control panel, offering a new realm of control and convenience. And since Sharp OSA utilises industry-standard network protocols, the MXM6570/7570N can easily integrate with document management systems, enterprise resource planning software, workflow applications, and more.

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