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    Our History

    Founded in December 1998 by sole director - Chris Wilcock, and located at South Road Moorabbin, Melbourne as an entry level Sharp dealership. The business started off with only one technician and was occupying the corner of the showroom in the stationers "Officeland" which was formerly Pedersen Stationers.

    In January 1999 Digital Document Solutions joined the Office National Buying Group as a Office Machines Store. Over the next 12 years the business through hard work and dedication by Chris Wilcock, Chris achieved his vision of growing to become the largest Sharp dealer in Melbourne employing 16 staff and eventually due to lack of space at his existing location he decided to move to much larger premises.

    In March 2006 DDS Group as they were now known moved to much larger premises in a 2500 square metre building on Chesterville Road Moorabbin.chesterville-site

    In October 2008, DDS expanded and purchased "Code Red Copier Services" and employed the previous owner as General Manager.
    In June 2009, DDS purchased the business "Multifax DDS" Melbourne office from a Perth based dealer.
    In February 2010, DDS expanded further and purchased "AM Copiers" from Allan Thompson.
    In February 2011, DDS expanded into regional Victoria and purchased the long standing Sharp Dealership CVBM (Central Victorian Business Machines) from Ray and Margaret Paulen who had established the successful business 30 years prior.
    In April 2011, DDS encountered a monumental challenge with the building being broken and burnt to the ground by an arsonist. Despite this setback, the business has continued to thrive.


    In May 2011, DDS reopened in a temporary location on Sullivan Street, Moorabbin and this was to be their location until a more suitable location could be found.
    In August 2011, DDS expanded further into regional Victoria by purchasing the longstanding Sharp dealership BOSS (Ballarat Office Systems & Service) from Mike and Gail Napier who had opened and run the successful business for 30 years.
    In December 2011, DDS purchased new premises in Morrabbin and relocated the Head Office to the new factory at 445 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin.
    In October 2012, DDS opened their third regional outlet by starting up an outlet in Geelong on Shannon Avenue.
    In December 2012, with the Geelong business booming, the Geelong office was relocated to larger premises on Douro Street in North Geelong.

    In December 2012, DDS purchased another two longstanding business "Northwest Business Equipment" in Werribee from Franc Furian and "Baywest Business Equipment" in Geelong from Jim Bishop. These were both well established businesses with over 15 years experience in the industry. These businesses were moved to the new Geelong location. 

    In January 2013, DDS decided to cease being a part of Office National Group due to their focus being on general office products and their focus being purely a Print and Document management Specialist.

    In February 2013, The Ballarat office relocated to newer, larger premises in Latrobe Street Dalcombe.

    In March 2013, DDS relocated the Bendigo office to a newer, high profile site in High Street Bendigo (opposite Beechworth bakery)

    June 2013, DDS now employs over 45 staff and have grown to become Sharps biggest dealer in Victoria.

  • Corporate Profile Open or Close

    The relationship between Digital Document Solutions and Sharp Corporation of Australia was first conceived in 1974.

    After a long and distinguished family history in the office technology industry Chris Wilcock realised his dream and founded Digital Document Solutions in 1998. The son of a Yorkshire coal miner (George Wilcock) who migrated to Australia in 1968 in search of a better way of life for his family. George established a relationship with Sharp Corporation of Australia and from this Pedersen Stationers was born. George and the Wilcock family successfully grew this business over the coming years into one of the largest independent dealers in the office equipment industry along with becoming one of Sharp Corporations key partners. Eventually owning and operating 36 stores nationally.

    After starting out his working life in the family business on weekends and school holidays assisting in the warehouse Chris developed a passion for the business and eventually became a successful typewriter salesman within the company. After excelling at his craft for a number of years he was eventually promoted to the position of branch manager. It was never the family way to give handouts or free rides and Chris was made to earn his progress through the business with hard work and a dedication to the business. From these humble beginnings his passion for the office technology industry was propagated and thrived.

    In 1992 the family business was eventually sold to Repco Corporation. The Wilcock family not being content to rest on their laurels were soon back at work and founded another Stationery and office equipment business in OPC or Office Product Centre. This venture also had a strong partnership with Sharp Corporation and continued successfully until 1997 when the business was sold and George entered retirement.

    It was now time for Chris to broaden his horizons and begin his own journey in the business world. Initially renting a small space in the corner of a stationer's showroom he started DDS. He had no clients and only his passion for the industry and his drive to survive on. Over the coming years Chris worked hard to propagate his business and eventually outgrow the space he rented. His only choice was to move to a larger premises, he did this and turned the tables and was now the stationer's landlord. This pathway to success was now well underway.

    In 2008 Chris initiated his first business acquisition and purchased Code Red Photocopier Services. His relationship with the proprietor (Bob Cotter) spanned over 20 years back to the time when they both began their journey in the office technology business at Pedersen's. Bob started his journey as a photocopier installer and later progressed to becoming a technician. From these beginnings he founded Code Red Photocopier Services which he ran successfully for 16 years.

    After the sale of "Code Red" Bob joined Chris at DDS as general manager. At this time the business employed 2 technicians and had a total staff of 8. From day one they worked tirelessly together to build a positive and innovative culture within the business which would later become the platform from which DDS would expand its operations regionally throughout the state and prosper to a point where DDS is now the largest Sharp Dealer in Victoria and one of the top three nationally.

    Amidst this period of expansion and strong growth DDS suffered at the hands of an arsonist and in April 2011 their Moorabbin facility was burnt to the ground. Such a monumental setback would have spelled the end for most businesses, no so for DDS. This setback only provided them with further inspiration and drove them even harder to achieve the success they planned and dreamt of. From day 1 post the fire DDS recommenced their operations from portable site sheds in the car park of their once prized office complex, with no power, water or facilities they improvised and ran on petrol driven generators and mobile phones. Their passion for providing customer service prevailed against the odds to ensure that not one of their clients suffered any inconvenience or downtime as a consequence of the disaster that fell upon DDS. It was "business as usual" and this was merely one more hurdle we needed to surmount on our journey.

    From this low point DDS have fought back from the depths of disaster and continue to thrive, now employing over 50 staff and with offices in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong. DDS have been instrumental in the establishment of a key dealer network nationally and are a founding member of the Sharp World Dealer Council.

  • Our Vision Open or Close


    DDS pride themselves on delivering outstanding levels of customer service and as a consequence a high level of customer retention. DDS hold the view that customers are what the cornerstone of the business was built on and take great satisfaction in ensuring each and every one of our clients is made to feel that they are our most important. Whether they be one of our multinational clients such as Nike or a mum and dad plumbing business operating from the spare room in their family home. Each and every one of our clients are important to us and we continually strive to ensure they understand the way we feel about them. At DDS you are not just a number, from the first contact we have with you, you become part of the extended DDS family. We care about your business and will do everything within our power to ensure you are provided with superior products, service levels and value for money.


    DDS put you back in control of your company documents, we provide a full range of business equipment and workflow solutions which can be tailored to seamlessly integrate into your business processes and provide efficiencies beyond your expectations.
    At DDS we run internally the very latest in service management software and enterprise solutions throughout our organisation. "We use what we sell" DDS won't provide you with solutions which we wouldn't use ourselves, being an office technology based company we ensure that every product we provide is best in market and has a track record of proven reliability and customer satisfaction. Using our suite of products internally ensures we are only providing our clients with the best possible solutions which fit in with their productivity expectations and workflow requirements.


    At DDS we pride ourselves on our passion for continually striving for improvement in every aspect of our organisation, this enables us to provide unsurpassed levels of customer service and a product array which is at the cutting edge of reliability and technological advancement. We don't measure ourselves on industry standards, this is too limiting. We aim to develop and create the "Industry Standards" which others strive to emulate. Our processes, procedures and products are continually in a state of flux which assists in achieving our vision of becoming the best provider of customer service levels in the office automation industry.
    "Why limit yourself to achieving what others have already achieved?"
    "Remove limitations and aspire to achieve what others can't even imagine."

  • Our Values Open or Close

    We are committed to realising the expectations of customers, staff, partners and the community.

    DDS Group Values

    DDS strives on the following values:

    RESPECT: We value who you are and what you do.
    ENABLE: We empower to help reach aspirations.
    DELIVER: We will achieve what we set out to achieve.
    FRESH: We want to be first to find a better way.
    FUN: We do enjoy what we do.

    Our STAFF


    Without any one of these, business fails. We value all of these relationships equally and this is why we have such long and strong relationships with all three.


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