PN-50TC1 & PN-40TC1 Interactive Touchscreen Digital Displays

Sharp have added a 50" model to their popular touchscreen model lineup- The PN-50TC1. This adds another productive option for workspaces or an interactive and engaging option for digital display. With the ability to be used in both landscape and portrait orientations, vertical or horizontal, both the PN-40TC1 (40") and the PN-50TC1 (50") boards offer truly versatile applications.

PN40 50TC1 Inputs

Sharp's Capacitive Touch Technology allows smooth and seamless response and recognises up to 10 points of touch simultaneously, allowing multiple users to be touch active on the board at once. Picture quality is full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution meaning the quality is not lost when users are viewing the screen up close, fine text and lines display crisply even when utilising the included 2mm tip touch pen for onscreen writing and presentation. The onscreen menu allows easy option and input switching for seamless usability.

The PN-40TC1 and PN-50TC1 both feature wirless connectivity allowing up to 10 MAC or Windows computers, smartphones and wireless devices to connect via high quality connection as well as boasting an array of physical connections.

PN50TC1 MFD ConnectivityThese screens can fit in seamlessly with your Sharp MFD fleet, Scanned documents can be directly imported to SHARP Pen Software from a compatible Sharp MFD. Onscreen image data, including handwriting, can be sent to a PC for storage or to an MFD for printing.


PN-50TC1 & PN-40TC1 are great for use in:

  • Collaborative Meetings
  • Training
  • Interactive Public Advertising
  • Interactive Public Navigation
  • Building & Finance Presentations

Key Features

  • Anti-glare technology to resist fingerprints and reflections
  • Mount for web camera
  • Included stand on the PN-40TC1
  • 16-hour daily operation

Sharp Awarded Most Reliable Mono Photocopier Range

How exciting that Sharp receives the "Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand 2018-2021" The tested devices completed testing with a misfeed rate of 1 per every 183,333 impressions (!!) as well as minimal downtime, evidenced by completing 4,400,000 impressions with no service interruptions. For a demo or query on this amazing range, call us today on 1300 174 277.

In an office environment, printer and MFP reliability is, and should be, the top concern of business users, since a reliable device helps minimise downtime, resulting in improved worker productivity. As such, Buyers Lab's exhaustive durability testing offers key benchmark for buyers when making a document imaging equipment purchase decision. To determine the vendors whose product lines stand out above the rest, BLIs highly experienced analyst team has compiled and reviewed performance statistics for every major OEM that submitted devices for laboratory testing from 2012 to 2018.

Sharp's A3 copiers have long been known for their quality, innovation, and ease of use, as evidenced by the numerous Buyers Lab Awards the products have won over the years. One of the brand's greatest strengths, demonstrated by BLI extensive hands-on testing, is the outstanding reliability of the monochrome products in its lineup.

"All of the Sharp monochrome copiers we've test to date have provided an excellent reliability, with a misfeed rate that is lower than most of the competition," applauded Joe Ellerman, Manager of U.S. Lab Operations for Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab. "Downtime for service is one of the biggest complaints users have about document imaging machines, but the quality and robust design of Sharp's monochrome products all but eliminate this issue. In fact, over the past five years, Sharp's monochrome models have completed an astounding 4.4 MILLION impressions without a single service call- making them the most reliable choice among their peers."

Sharp MX3070V Vs. Konica Minolta C308

The award winning Sharp CR4 series is hard to beat, check out one of the most popular models in the series, the MX3070V, see below how it stacks up (and smashes!) the competition.

Compare Sharp Product Konica MX3070V A4

A clear winner!