PN-60TB3 Interactive Whiteboard

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Sharp 60" Interactive Whiteboard Monitor : PN-60TB3

Sharp’s Interactive Touchscreen Monitor PN-60TB3 Interactive whiteboards is designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. The highly responsive touch pen technology allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time. Sharp’s Touch Display Link software enables multifaceted wireless communication. Whether in the boardroom or the classroom, Sharp changes the way you communicate.

PEN software and Touch Display Link 2.0 require a suitable PC with Windows® 7, Windows® 8/8.1

  • 60" size
  • 10 point touch recognition
  • Touch-operated onscreen menu
  • Minimised glare and fingerprints
  • Front-mounted speakers
  • Two USB "touch" outputs
  • 6 Inputs - 4 digital - 2 analogue
  • MFD Connectivity
  • Multi User PEN software
  • Simultaneous writing

    Simultaneous writing

    Recognising up to 10 points of contact, the PN-60TB3 multi-touch LCD monitor allows up to four people to write on the screen at the same time using wireless active touch pens or fingers. Participants can take an active part in meetings, brainstorming sessions, classroom interactions and more.

  • User-Friendly PEN software interface

    User-Friendly PEN software interface

    Using a touch-pen, you can easily launch and display the PEN software user interface - a menu comprising smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and functions. Each touch pen has its own dedicated menu, which can be displayed even when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time. Pen settings such as colour and line thickness can be set for each touch pen (with function button).

  • Smooth, highly responsive touch pen

    Smooth, highly responsive touch pen

    The optional dedicated touch pen with function buttons writes so smooth and light that using it is like writing on paper. A pressure sensor at the tip of the slim and lightweight pen lets you write with high precision and with an effortless and uninterrupted flow.

  • Handwriting recognition

    Handwriting recognition

    These LCD monitors feature a handwriting recognition function for converting selected onscreen handwriting to standard text. This convenient function allows you to utilise onscreen content to make neat and legible minutes of your meetings.

  • Touch-operated Onscreen Menu

    Touch-operated Onscreen Menu

    Pressing the Touch Menu button displays an onscreen menu that lets you easily switch input sources, change volume level, or turn the touchscreen function on and off without using a remote control.

  • Sharp Information Display Panels

    Sharp Information Display Panels

    Information presented more beautifully than ever - brought to life in High Definition, Touch enabled and Ultra HD. Expand the possibilities of your business with the visual power of LCD technology.

    Learn more about Sharp IDP

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