Now your business photocopier & printers can become a real force for good.
Help feed Victoria's most vulnerable people with money you are already spending on an everyday business expense!

We’re here to help you make a real difference in our world AND in your business. Together.

You will fund a minimum of 153KG's of pasta.
This helps create over 450 meals!

We provide you with a copiers/printer solution for your business.
This deal funds a huge volume of food that is delivered to Victorian Food Charities, or a cash donation to your preferred charitable cause.
Through a standard business practice, you've made a difference in the lives of vulnerable Victorians.

Choose to support:

  • FareShare
    FareShare rescues surplus food and cooks free, nutritious meals for people in need. Depending on the need, we generally fund large quantities of flour, pasta or pastry to FareShare.
  • Foodbank
    Foodbank is the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia. Depending on the need, we generally fund large quantities of flour, pasta or pastry to Foodbank.
  • Ozchild
    Ozchild is considered to be the longest serving charity for children and families in Victoria. They provide many services including respite care, education and recreational activities for young people with disabilities.
  • Chin Community
    We support Kenshi Charity Candles – a foundation that not only employ Chin refugees, but support their families overseas through the profits from their candles.
  • Brother Doug
    Brother Doug is a foundation that supports Angel Presence School in Manilla, Philippines, making it possible for the children living in poverty there to attend school and receive an education.


Since April 2018 with the help of Digital Document Solutions' clients,
the Make A Difference Program has funded:

Of Rice supplied to the Chin people in Myanmar.
Of pasta, flour, rolled pastry. Supplied to feed over 6000 people.
School children in Kenya have had their school fees paid for 2019.



The power of transaction-based giving

Traditional fundraising will always be important. Coming together for a cause is a critical part of being involved in any community. However, we must be more strategic.
We need to provide many billions of dollars to create a more equitable world and there is only one place that money is readily available – transaction-based giving in the “commercial world.”


  • “Excellent initiative by the Make A Difference Program turning the unused capacity of a business into cash for causes, and supporting charities like the Lungitude Foundation.”
    Wendy Jenkins, Board Member - Lungitude Foundation
  • "I commend them on their business model that also promotes a strong community giving and partnership philosophy."
    William Kelly, Manager - Gateway Community Services
  • “Making a difference to people that need it. Get behind them and make a difference. Everything counts.”
    Bill Ferg, Owner - Lobster Cave Seafood Restaurant

We're currently supporting:

  • FareShare
  • Chin Community
  • Ozchild
  • Victory Foodbank
  • Brother Doug in the Philippines