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Creating a new way to collect and dispense clean drinking water, the Skywell® atmospheric water generator has taken the familiar office water cooler and introduced a revolutionary technology that creates clean water from the air we breathe. All that’s needed to produce water from air is a Skywell and a standard electrical outlet.

Atmospheric Water Generator

Just plug it in! The Skywell takes in ambient air and collects the moisture through condensation. Then it uses a six-stage water filtration system, ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment to remove contaminants in order to create clean drinking water.

Before serving, the water dispenser’s built-in monitoring systems continuously inspect every drop to ensure that the water produced is of exacting quality and clarity every time. The convenience of the Skywell atmospheric water generators makes users appreciate water in ways they haven't before.

From a placement perspective, since water pipes aren’t required, installing a Skywell in conference rooms, busy hallways or any location that needs water is as simple as rolling in a Skywell and plugging it into an outlet.

Why It's Better

The Skywell represents the future of drinking water, with many meaningful advantages over other common water sources.

You control your own water — eliminating your reliance on potentially contaminated municipal water and a decaying water delivery infrastructure.

Decrease your water and carbon footprint. Did you know that water requires pumping, piping, and shipping to a treatment plant before it can even get into pipes and dispensed from your water taps? The Skywell eliminates the need for this cumbersome and energy consuming process that heavily impacts our environment.

No trucks delivering big plastic bottles that require handling and storage — or single-use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and clog our landfills. The Skywell greatly reduces the severe environmental cost of disposing billions of single-use plastic bottles worldwide. Over 80% of these bottles are never recycled, leaving them to decompose in our oceans, rivers, and landfills — a process that can takes hundreds of years.

The Skywell App allows you to track your water consumption on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as well as monitor the positive environmental impact that results from your reduced usage of plastic bottles. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to brand the Skywell with your company’s logo.

The Skywell Cause

5 bottles water facts

  • 900,000 TONS of plastic are used in the production of bottled water
  • Approximately 30 BILLION bottles of water are sold annually in the USA alone
  • Of that 30 BILLION, less than 20% are recycled
  • It takes up to 3-7 litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water
  • 2.5 MILLION TONS of Carbon Dioxide are released into the atmosphere each year in the production of bottled water

How it Works

Skywell water doesn’t come from groundwater, plastic bottles, or your city’s lead pipes. It comes from the air. Another fundamental difference is the Skywell’s filtration system, which employs several types of filters, working in concert to maintain purity.

1. Air

Surrounding air is filtered in, removing dust, airborne particles, and bacteria.

2. Cooling

It is then condensed on a cooled surface.

2. Cooling

The result is purified, clean drinking- Air Water.

Track your Hydration and set daily water goals

The Skywell® atmospheric water generator comes equipped with an interactive touchscreen and dashboard, which run the Skywell app. Your Skywell app displays available water temperatures, the current water tank level, and water production. By using the app, users can quickly make adjustments to the Skywell including water temperatures, production hours and energy consumption.

The Skywell also offers you the unique ability to create a hydration profile so you can access personal water statistics such as the amount of water you have consumed to date and the positive environmental impact you’re having from using Skywell. Plus, you can set daily hydration goals and track your progress every day.


Dimension (W x D x H)48.6 H × 12.6 W × 19.8 D (inch)
Hot Tank Capacity0.8 L / 0.21 Gallons
Hot Water Power850W
Cold Water Power70W
Refrigerant TypesR134a & R410A
Energy Consumption1.8 – 3.0 Kw/Gal
Power RatingAC 110-120V / 60Hz / 13A
Warranty1 year on device, 5 years on compressor
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