While our business philosophy is built on customer service and partnerships, this can't be maintained without a realiable and quality product range. Digital Document Solutions selectively chooses industry leading products and brands to provide quailty printers and photocopiers to all industries.

No matter the size of your business, we have the perfect printer or photocopier application for you.


An electronics pioneer, the Sharp product quality can not be underestimated. A truly innovative brand when it comes to technology on their endevour to provide a total business solution through intergration and communication.

Over the years Sharp photocopier products and document solutions have been earning recognition and prestigious awards from leading independant Multi Function Printer (MFP) testing organizations. This represents more than just an accumulation of accolades. It means that trusted industry experts as well as customers recognize that the remarkable innovation, user-friendly design, outstanding reliability, unsurpassed security, and boundless expandability of Sharp digital MFPs and copier/printers truly exemplify the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.


The Canon product line that Digital Document Solutions provide, truly offers across the board print solutions. From small inkjet printers, to wide format printers for plan or poster printing, to office photocopiers ranging from introductory to heavy corporate use and even production printers. It's a vast range that has everything to suit business printing needs. With the goal of making print technology easy, so the end user can focus on their other business matters- Canon deliver print products that fit seemlessly into any office.


Our Epson range offers top notch InkJet technology with the benefits of instant printing (no warm up time required) and fast speeds at lower price points, these specific features can be imporantant factors to some business requirements. Not only just office printing but large format printers, receipt and label printers too which can be invaluable in their own right. Utilising the ink control precision achieved by means of the Micro Piezo Print Head, Epson's proprietary and unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology enables printers to vary ink droplet sizes, thereby optimising print speed without sacrificing quality.