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  1. Property Me Integration with Sharp Photocopiers

    Property Me is Australia's largest cloud property management software and is utilisted by most major real estates throughout the country. In attempts to streamline the document workflow of agents using this platform, DocuSolve designed a solution that's exclusively available only on Sharp Multi-function Photocopier Devices*

    This integration focuses on Business Process Management (BPM) - the approach to aligning an organisations business process to promote effectiveness and efficiency. This is reached through innovation and integration of technology and workflow process. In this case, and our specialty, document workflow and management. This includes, scanning, filing, searching, printing and retrieving of documents. We am to provide a single capture platform that can meet all the needs of an organisation: document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR, data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a backend.

    As a launch of this

    Property Me Integration with Sharp Photocopiers
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  2. DDS Group Business Technology Centre

    It’s been almost a year now since our DDS Group team moved into our new head office building at 660B South Road, Moorabbin. Not only was it important for us when designing the office that the photocopier showroom had the space and functionality to really showcase the business technology products we offer - we wanted to make all this powered technology as sustainable as possible, which is why we invested heavily on solar powering the building.

    Copiers, printers, light production copiers, digital signage and interactive whiteboards, etc, having so many of these setup in our building made sustainability a high priority for us.

    Last week we celebrated a little milestone of saving 1000 trees worth of CO2!

    DDS Group Business Technology Centre
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  3. End of Financial Year Photocopier Upgrade Time

    That time of year is coming around, it's financial end. And this year you can immediately write off the cost of each asset that costs less than the threshold, of which from 12 March 2020 until 30 June 2020 has been increased to $150,000!

    Speak to a DDS Group photocopier specialist today to find the best suited machine for your business and benefit from the instant tax write off! And remember to always speak to your accountant for tax advise. There's no better time to upgrade your printer and photocopier fleet.

    Get a photocopier quote and find out how you can benefit!

    End of Financial Year Photocopier Upgrade Time
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  4. 7 Day Free Photocopier Trial!

    We understand the commitment towards a new photocopier can be intimidating for some. A new brand, a new model. 

    7 Day Free Photocopier Trial!
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  5. Share The Dignity - DDS Community Involvement

    This year we proudly took part in the Share The Dignity Drive for the first time. Share The Dignity works to change the lives of women and girls experiencing homelessness or hardship, for the better. They work to distribute needed sanitary items to vunerable women across Australia by holding campaigns and charity donation drives.

    Visit Share The Dignity to learn more about this great orgnisation, and to get involved.

    Share The Dignity - DDS Community Involvement
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  6. DDS Safety Measures and Protocols - Covid19

    This post is to inform you of the safety measures and protocols which DDS have introduced to ensure our staff, including technicians are following the best possible practices available at this time to minimise the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus whilst servicing your equipment.

    Should you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us on 1300 174 277.

    Question: Does DDS have adequate supply of toner, spare parts and other consumables to keep my machine running?

    Answer: DDS carry a minimum of 120 days stock for all models which we service, recently we have increased this stock holding closer to 160 days. Our suppliers, Sharp, OKI and Epson all have similar levels of stock in their warehouses. While the manufacturing and shipments of additional supplies are running at a reduced capacity, (around 60%)we are still receiving stock on a regular basis. So at this time we estimate we should

    DDS Safety Measures and Protocols - Covid19
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  7. Guide for Cleaning Your Office Photocopier

    An office photocopier is commonly used by multiple people throughout the day. As the attention of the world focuses on ensuring public safety and cleanliness, please take a read of this guide to see the best way to clean your photocopier and help stop the spread of illness.

    Recommendation for cleaning the exterior touch surfaces of Sharp office equipment
    The CDC advises to use a diluted alcohol solution that consists of at least 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. Follow these steps below to clean the touch surfaces of Sharp devices utilizing the CDC recommendation.

    1. Wear disposable gloves (latex or nitrile) when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
    2. Turn off the device and disconnect AC power
    3. Moisten a microfiber cloth with a mixture of 70%isopropyl alcohol and 30% water (do not spray)
    4. Begin with the display or MFP control panel and finish with any flexible cables
    5. When cleaning a display screen or touch
    Guide for Cleaning Your Office Photocopier
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  8. Supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

    Our Make A Difference team has been working to continue providing the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) with much needed rice. Although our program normally provides pasta to charities in need, when we approached the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre they had more of a need for rice. Graham Correy who manages our Make A Difference Program took it upon himself to find a supplier of rice. He found Vikas at Vaibhav International, who was already of his own accord providing the ASRC but still prioritised the ASRC with our increase in additional volume at a discounted price. It's quite admirable when businesses choose to help those in need, over their profit- so we thank you Vikas for helping us provide 2 tonnes of rice to the ASRC.

    Learn how you too can Make A Difference with your office photocopiers!

    Supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)
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  9. Digital Document Solutions Walking for Awareness

    Often rare diseases are overlooked and lacking in funding, leading to more suffering for those few that must endure. We've just donated another $1590, in addition to Chris' $410 late last year to this rare cause. We hope these contributions help young Isaac and others suffering from CRMO (Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis). If you'd like to share or donate please visit the Walking for Awareness GoFundMe page.

    Digital Document Solutions Walking for Awareness
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  10. Partnering with the Father Bob Maguire Foundation

    Please meet Graham who has been a full-time volunteer at Father Bob’s for over 10 years. He is incredible and an inspiration to us all. The Father Bob Maguire Foundation is now going to be receiving hundreds of kilos of pasta every month thanks to our new clients. Father Bob and his volunteers work face to face with people in the inner city who need food and support. Until now they have never been able to access enough pasta.

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