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  1. Guide for Cleaning Your Office Photocopier

    An office photocopier is commonly used by multiple people throughout the day. As the attention of the world focuses on ensuring public safety and cleanliness, please take a read of this guide to see the best way to clean your photocopier and help stop the spread of illness.

    Recommendation for cleaning the exterior touch surfaces of Sharp office equipment
    The CDC advises to use a diluted alcohol solution that consists of at least 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. Follow these steps below to clean the touch surfaces of Sharp devices utilizing the CDC recommendation.

    1. Wear disposable gloves (latex or nitrile) when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
    2. Turn off the device and disconnect AC power
    3. Moisten a microfiber cloth with a mixture of 70%isopropyl alcohol and 30% water (do not spray)
    4. Begin with the display or MFP control panel and finish with any flexible cables
    5. When cleaning a display screen or touch
    Guide for Cleaning Your Office Photocopier
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  2. Supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

    Our Make A Difference team has been working to continue providing the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) with much needed rice. Although our program normally provides pasta to charities in need, when we approached the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre they had more of a need for rice. Graham Correy who manages our Make A Difference Program took it upon himself to find a supplier of rice. He found Vikas at Vaibhav International, who was already of his own accord providing the ASRC but still prioritised the ASRC with our increase in additional volume at a discounted price. It's quite admirable when businesses choose to help those in need, over their profit- so we thank you Vikas for helping us provide 2 tonnes of rice to the ASRC.

    Learn how you too can Make A Difference with your office photocopiers!

    Supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)
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  3. Digital Document Solutions Walking for Awareness

    Often rare diseases are overlooked and lacking in funding, leading to more suffering for those few that must endure. We've just donated another $1590, in addition to Chris' $410 late last year to this rare cause. We hope these contributions help young Isaac and others suffering from CRMO (Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis). If you'd like to share or donate please visit the Walking for Awareness GoFundMe page.

    Digital Document Solutions Walking for Awareness
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  4. Partnering with the Father Bob Maguire Foundation

    Please meet Graham who has been a full-time volunteer at Father Bob’s for over 10 years. He is incredible and an inspiration to us all. The Father Bob Maguire Foundation is now going to be receiving hundreds of kilos of pasta every month thanks to our new clients. Father Bob and his volunteers work face to face with people in the inner city who need food and support. Until now they have never been able to access enough pasta.

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  5. Making a Difference with Office Machines

    We've stepped up our initiative with our Make a Difference Program. We've now incorporated donations into every Sharp Photocopier deal, allowing us to generate some huge monthly donation figures. Leading up to Christmas every bit helps - thank you very much to our clients and staff for being part of the MADP.

    Just last month we donated 2,262 kilos of pasta to food charity, this feeds up to 9,048 people suffering from food insecurity around Victoria. Learn more about our Make a Difference Program and how you can get involved.

    Additionally 8 of our staff spend yesterday volunteering in the FareShare kitchen, prepping and cooking meals for vulnerable people around Melbourne. It was a first for some and a return to the FareShare kitchen for others but the feedback was unanimous: a lot of fun and very rewarding!

    Making a Difference with Office Machines
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  6. Digital Document Solutions turns 21!

    Company Director Chris Wilcock:

    In December 1998 I sold my house and put was was left in an account and rented a small space in the front corner of a stationery company's building in Moorabbin and the business that is now known as DDS Group was born. With 1 technician and no customers and only refurbished copiers to sell, I began walking the streets of Moorabbin asking people to put their trust in me. Sharp accepted my account application to become a dealer and slowly we have grown to become Sharp's #1 dealer in the country.

    There have been many ups and downs on the journey but I am so proud to have made it this far and have been

    Digital Document Solutions turns 21!
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  7. “End Point Security”… Sharp has you covered

    Threats can appear anytime and anywhere, Sharp ensures you’re always protected.

    MFDs and printers are now a vital part of most organisations’ document workflows and business processes, so they are a potential weak spot in your information and network security.

    Physical Security Threats –confidential information can be accidentally or deliberately copied from stored documents, Unauthorised personnel can potentially access and enter corporate networks when devices are not fully protected or securely configured.
    Network Security Threats –Data stored on a hard disk drive or in the memory of an MFD can be compromised, altered or stolen. Cyber criminals could obtain confidential information by unleashing a phishing campaign, a virus on the network or by hijacking an MFD to launch a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack that targets your internal infrastructure or other external targets.
    Legal Responsibilities –Your company is legally responsib

    “End Point Security”… Sharp has you covered
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  8. "We know exactly who to call in case we need help again in the future."

    How cool is it when a client takes the time out of their day to contact your company and compliment the service they've received? We appreciate all your feedback and strive to live up to a high standard of quality customer service- So it's great when we get a message that one of our team members has impressed a client so much, they've wrote us to tell us about it.

    "We know exactly who to call in case we need help again in the future."
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  9. We have MOVED!

    From purchase of the block in 2017, through demolition, planning, development and building: we are finally moving in! Our new home is: 660 South Road, Moorabbin, VIC 3189.

    We have MOVED!
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  10. DO NOT commit to a printer purchase or lease until you ASK THESE 3 QUESTIONS

    1. What service response time do you offer?

    With a DDS Managed Print Plan we guarantee to have a technician onsite within 4 business hours should your machine be out of service. Our service coordinators and technicians use their judgement with all service calls to escalate/prioritise when machines are down, or to take the phone/remote support route when that makes more sense to get you up and running faster.

    2. When the time comes to log a service call what will my experience be?  Do you have a local call centre?

    When you call, your call comes straight through to your local DDS branch. You will never hear press 1. for this press 2 for that, you'll be speaking with real people immediately! You'll be speaking with the same people on the phone, and dealing with the same technicians each time. Get to know our team here: 

    DO NOT commit to a printer purchase or lease until you ASK THESE 3 QUESTIONS
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