Most businesses rely on printing as a daily necessity, but managing these services in-house can often become a struggle, taking time away from crucial clients, affecting general workflow and, ultimately, future success.


One of the solutions available on the market to assist organisations with their printing operations is Managed Print Services.


What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS), also known as Print Management, is a flexible and scalable solution designed for organisations that need to print regularly.


As an alternative to managing your own in-house printers and copiers, MPS is offered by a third party print provider for businesses that need to print regularly. Through MPS, the print provider will manage your company’s printing needs, supplying toners, monitoring usage as well as tracking issues and fixing them for you as required. An MPS agreement also includes the hardware (printing device), regular maintenance, parts and supplies.


Managed Print Services vs Buying Outright vs Commercial Printing

So how does MPS differ from purchasing a printer for yourself or bringing your print projects to a commercial printer? Let’s take a look at some differences between these options.


Buying Outright

  • You need to search for a printing device that suits your requirements and needs. This may be tricky if you are not completely sure what your company’s printing habits and usage are.
  • The upfront purchase cost can be a challenge to businesses, especially if you need to invest in a top-of-the-line multifunction printer.
  • You will need to figure out how best to use the device, and ensure that all your staff are trained correctly.
  • In the event of any issues or breakdown, you are responsible for managing and arranging for service and maintenance which can be costly and arise anytime.
  • The printer belongs to you, so you are free to sell it and upgrade to another model whenever you want to.


Commercial Printing

  • With a commercial printer, you do not need to worry about purchasing or managing your own printing equipment.
  • Whenever you have print jobs or projects, all you need to do is take them to a commercial printer who will print your documents with their machines.
  • This option often comes at a premium price, and will be quite costly if you have a lot of printing jobs, its also not only costing money, but also time.
  • You need to plan, check and ensure that all the printing requirements are passed on to the commercial printer accurately.


Managed Print Services

  • The MPS provider will assess your needs and requirements as well as current usage to help you decide on a device and plan that will most benefit you.
  • The MPS plan comes with a monthly all-in-one invoice that includes the printing device, supplies, and maintenance.
  • MPS allows you to consolidate your costs and have a consistent monthly expenditure, making it easier to budget and know the exact cost of your business printing.
  • As it monitors your printing usage, MPS will help you improve your printing habits and reduce wastage, saving costs in the long run.
  • The MPS provider will train your staff to ensure everyone knows how to fully utilise the equipment, and dedicate a service technician to help you with all your questions and issues.
  • With MPS, it also means you will not need to spend as much time on printer-related issues, freeing you up to spend more time on crucial tasks related to your business.


How a managed print service program could benefit your company


Better Efficiency

MPS providers will perform an analysis of your existing print equipment and habits to identify if and which machines are perhaps underperforming. They will then recommend more efficiency devices to replace them, to increase your work efficiency.


Higher Productivity

With your MPS provider assisting you with all your printer problems, your staff will be freed up to focus on their tasks instead of having to troubleshoot issues. Also, the automated supply delivery management in MPS eliminates the need for you to keep track of and order cartridges by yourself.


Cost Savings

MPS will help your business track and control print costs, and also make it easier for you to access the proper equipment at an affordable price. In addition, MPS agreements include ongoing onsite service and repairs, parts and toners, helping your company save costs in the long run.


Sharp Copiers’ approach to enhance customer experience and provide the highest benefits they can get in the Australian market

At Sharp Copiers, we take pride in giving you complete visibility to all aspects of your business printing needs. Whether you need 1 or 50 machines, we will design agreements that will best work for your business, including equipment financing and ongoing service service calls, parts and toners, all in one cost per copy.


Our flexible agreements are tailored to your requirements, to ensure you receive the best affordable packages suited for your business.


We offer the best printers on the market, including industry-leading brands such as Sharp, Epson, Canon, and more. If you’re not too sure about which photocopier you want, sign up for our 7-day free trial to try on a new brand / model! If you don’t like the device, we will come and pick it up at no cost.


Want to jump onboard but still in contract with another provider? We may be able to payout your current contract when you enter into a new MPS agreement with us. Get in touch with our team to find out more.