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Have a Question about this product?

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This reception management App streamlines the visitor experience, and also protects employees from the risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

Do you know the details of those visiting your business every day?

The answer is usually an emphathatic no! Today, the world has changed, and it is no longer acceptable, nor is it safe not knowing exactly who is onsite at any given time of day.

There are also government requirements of recording everyone onsite to help manage spread of disease like COVID-19 and ensuresafety of the greater community.

Why is Visitor Management Important?

  • Safety of your staff
  • Safety of visitors
  • Compliance with Government policy
  • Adherence to your visitor policy
  • Acceptance of the terms of your business
  • OH&S
  • Manage potential spread of disease like COVID-19
  • Ability to audit / Record keeping
  • Provide information in the event of contact tracing
  • Who is onsite right now
  • Who has been on site
  • Are they signed-in
  • Have they signed-out
  • Who have they been in contact with
  • What is their reason for visiting

User Friendly Visitor Management System

  • Easily access your administration portal on the web
  • Allow visitors to sign in via QR code on their own device - or on an iPad
  • Easy Check-In + Check-Out for visitors and employees
  • iPad not required
  • Reliable record keeping
  • Label printing option
  • SMS notification option

Streamline your front desk with a smart, secure, reliable visitor management system providing quick and easy access to guests who visit your place. Ability to pre-book visitors into your office. Smart notification for visitors on either email or SMS. Clever design, amazing support, and unbeatable value, Ezy Signin is a trusted reception management system. The security is boosted significantly because of the printed badges feature. Besides, visitors get impressed, and they love the system.

Powered with QR-code based contactless visitor management system, Ezy Signin upgraded with the objective of deterring any possibility of coronavirus infection at your workplace because of the strangers running in at your office everyday. Easy-to-use, all your visitor has to do is to scan the QR code from the iPad on the front desk.

Patrons fill in their information as required by law. The data is recorded digitally in our system. You can access this information at any time, download it and send it to the Government if requested to do so.

Manage your business space with a simple, intuitive real-time dashboard that lets you manage your staff and visitors effortlessly. You can efficiently govern your organization’s reception and track your guests in real-time. It provides photo ID, up-to-date list and live information of people who signed in. With all the details in one single admin dashboard, you can better create a secure environment for your employees.

How it Works:

Users scan the QR code displayed on the iPad, the App’s interface is displayed on the visitor’s smartphone, and the visitor fills in the required details and selects their host. The system notifies host.

  1. Visitor enters your reception/entrance area
  2. Checks in with self service using the Ezy Signin code or iPad
  3. Visitor selects who they are to meet with
  4. Visitor enters their details and takes their photo
  5. Ezy Signin sends an email to their host to say they've arrived (SMS notification optional)
  6. Visitor prints name badge (optional)
  7. The host meets with visitor
  8. Visitor checks out upon leaving
  9. Data is stored