Document Software capabilities range from simplistic to complex, options include custom programs to automatically sort and store as per your requirements. Designed for Ease of Use, these tailored solutions can revolutionise your business place workflow.

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  1. Ezy Signin
    Ezy Signin

    Manage your business space with a simple, intuitive real-time dashboard that lets you manage your staff and visitors effortlessly. You can efficiently govern your organization’s reception and track your guests in real-time. It provides photo ID, up-to-date list and live information of people who signed in. With all the details in one single admin dashboard, you can better create a secure environment for your employees.

    Contactless sign in management for visitors and staff. Ezy Signin helps you secure your premises. It allows you to record all visitors on your premises, identify them by their name badge and keep a record of who they met with, for how long and for what purpose.
  2. PapercutMF

    Eliminate waste, encourage responsible behavior and make users and departments accountable for their print usage. PaperCut MF includes embedded software that runs on your copier/MFD to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device’s panel.

    • Track MFDs/Printers
    • Secure Print Release
    • Control and Report Use
    • Recover Costs
    • Enforce Print Policy
    • Minimise Waste
    • Web Print
    • User directory (eg. Active Directory and others) integration and automatic user account creation
    • Secure print release and Find-Me printing
  3. Scanshare Essentials
    Scanshare Essentials

    Scanshare Essentials is the powerful yet easy-to-use solution that lets you integrate your paper workflows with your digital information systems, directly from the panel of your office multifunctional printer. Embeddable into a wide range of modern multifunctional printers, Essentials' user-friendly scanning client helps to improve efficiency by reducing the time associated with the scanning and processing of paper-based information.

    • Scan from the panel of a multifunctional or drop into a designated watch folder
    • Intelligent barcode detection and page separation
    • Optical character recognition converts scans into formats such as PDF and Microsoft® Word (optional)
    • Zone recognition to automatically extract and process information from document regions
    • Output to a range of systems include fileservers, SharePoint® 365, Google® Drive and a host of cloud-based file hosting providers
    • Integrate into your ERP system with XML data export
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