DDS Safety Measures and Protocols - Covid19

This post is to inform you of the safety measures and protocols which DDS have introduced to ensure our staff, including technicians are following the best possible practices available at this time to minimise the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus whilst servicing your equipment.

Should you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us on 1300 174 277.

Question: Does DDS have adequate supply of toner, spare parts and other consumables to keep my machine running?

Answer: DDS carry a minimum of 120 days stock for all models which we service, recently we have increased this stock holding closer to 160 days. Our suppliers, Sharp, OKI and Epson all have similar levels of stock in their warehouses. While the manufacturing and shipments of additional supplies are running at a reduced capacity, (around 60%)we are still receiving stock on a regular basis. So at this time we estimate we should have no stock issues for a minimum of 6 months, even if replenishment shipments were to stop entirely which is highly unlikely.

Question: Technicians are visiting multiple offices each day, what measures are in place to reduce the risk of transmission to our customers?


  1. Technicians have been issued with disposable surgical type gloves which they will be putting on prior to entering your office, as well as masks.
  2. Technicians have been issued with hospital grade antibacterial disinfectant which they will use to sanitise any device they will access in your office, including keyboards, mice and printers.
  3. Devices will be sanitised prior to the technician commencing work then upon completion of their service.
  4. Upon completion of the service call the technician will dispose of the surgical gloves to ensure contamination between offices is limited as much as possible.
  5. Our technicians will remain outbound and isolate themselves as much as possible in between service calls.

Question: What other measures are DDS putting in place to minimise the risk of their workforce becoming quarantined should one of their staff contract Covid-19?

Answer: Our technicians will also be isolating themselves from the rest of our technical and administrative team as much as possible, we have designated parts collection areas for them and they will be collecting parts and leaving without interaction between any other staff members. This ensures that in the unlikely event one of our technicians does contract Covid -19 and needs to become quarantined for a period of time the remaining technical and administration staff won’t be affected and will be available to service your ongoing requirements.

Question: Is there anyway DDS can assist our business?

Answer: Many businesses have taken the measure of having staff working from home, many of your staff members may not have access to suitable printing, copying or scanning devices at home. DDS have come up with a "work from home" program. Under the "work from home" program, DDS will provide you with a suitable device which will be delivered, installed and fully maintained at your staff members home. There is only a 3 month minimum commitment after which you can keep the device on a month by month basis or simply give us a call and we will pick it up free of charge. Should you wish to take advantage of this program please contact our office on 1300 174 277.