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  1. BP-30M28 Sharp Photocopier
    BP-30M28 Sharp Photocopier

    The way we work—and where we work—is changing fast, so we need new ways to connect and share information smoothly and securely. That’s where the Sharp BP-30M28 MFP comes in. It’s a smart and flexible solution for all your business-essential document needs. Even though it’s packed with advanced technology, it’s easy and intuitive to use. Whether in the office or beyond, your team will enjoy a streamlined workflow.

    • BP-30M28 28ppm
    • Expandable
    • Print Release
    • Optional Connectivity Addons
  2. BP-50M26 Sharp Photocopier
    BP-50M26 Sharp Photocopier

    The BP-50M26 A3 black & white Photocopiers and MFP is a secure print solution for the future workplace. It delivers effortless connectivity, security and sustainability whilst offering superior functionality to facilitate hybrid working.

    • BP-50M26 26ppm
    • Expandable
    • Print Release
    • Optional Connectivity Addons
  3. BP-70M31 / BP-70M45 / BP-70M55 / BP-70M65 Sharp Photocopier
    BP-70M31 / BP-70M45 / BP-70M55 / BP-70M65 Sharp Photocopier

    The BP70M31 / BP-70M45 / BP-70M55 / BP-70M65 Advanced Series takes organisations to the future of business communication by helping them work simply smarter. Designed to fit today’s diverse workstyles, the new Advanced series allows workers to collaborate and share information seamlessly and securely throughout their office environment.

    • BP-70M31 31ppm
    • BP-70M45 45ppm
    • BP-70M55 55ppm
    • BP-70M65 65ppm
    • Expandable
    • Print Release
    • Optional Connectivity Addons
  4. MX-M1206 Sharp Photocopier
    MX-M1206 Sharp Photocopier

    From walk-up office environments and corporate data centers to high-volume CRD and copy rooms, Sharp's new MX-M1056 and MX-M1206 High-Speed and Light Production Monochrome Series provide advanced technology and features that will streamline your document workflow like never before. 

    • MX-M1206 120ppm
    • Expandable
    • Print Release
    • Optional Connectivity Addons
  5. Sharp MX-7090N / MX-8090N Photocopier
    Sharp MX-7090N / MX-8090N Photocopier

    The MX-7090/8090N is built for fast, high-volume printing in large-scale settings. Whether at a large company, government office, university, or research centre, it produces beautiful colour documents with ease.

    • MX-7090N 70ppm
    • MX-8090N 80ppm
    • Print Release
    • OCR Capability
    • 15.4" Touchscreen
    • Wireless
    • Fiery Server Optional
  6. Sharp MX-C304W Photocopier
    Sharp MX-C304W Photocopier

    Compact, streamlined, and packed with document functionality, the MXC304W fits seamlessly into any business setting.

    This handy A4 solution delivers full-colour performance and four-function efficiency right from a desk or countertop—without taking up valuable floor space.

    RC 2020

    • MX-C304W 30ppm
    • Wireless
    • Fax Standard
    • Airprint
    • Max Paper Capacity 2,700
    • Colour Touchscreen
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