Printing Booklets on your Sharp Photocopier

You can print booklets on your Sharp photocopier with ease, if you have an optional finisher your machine can also staple and fold the booklets for you. Otherwise, your machine can program the job to print the booklets correctly and you can fold them manually.

Most importantly: Your file should just be a normal single page A4 File.

For best results, use a file that has page quantities in lots of 4 and of a file format of PDF.The Sharp photocopiers automatically lay out the pages in booklet format, using a predesigned booklet format will not print correctly. These instructions are to print and A4 booklet on A3 paper.

01. Open Printer Properties

On the [Main] tab, choose [Original Size: A4] and [Output Size: A3]

01. Click the Layout Tab

On the [Layout] tab, choose from the [Booklet] dropdown [Standard] and the [Output Size] dropdown, [A3]

The highlighted Green box is optional- if you press save, you can save these settings so you can select the preset easier for when you want to print future booklets.

If you do not have a Saddle Stitch Finisher: Press [OK] and [Print]

If you do have a Saddle Stitch Finisher: Before printing, go to the [Finishing] tab, from the [Staple] drop down you can choose your staples.

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