Print Queue is Stuck


You and your team have sent print jobs to the photocopier but it’s not printing. You can check the job status (Top left) and you may see print jobs sitting in the queue, as well as the “spool” queue, but the machine isn’t printing.


One of the print jobs has become corrupt and is holding the rest of the que up.


01. Power the photocopier off.
02. Ensure you go to every computer and open the print que on the computer.
03. Delete/Cancel all print jobs in the print queues on the computers.
04. Power on your photocopier.
05. Now print your documents.

The reason why you must delete the print jobs from your computers is because even if you power off the photocopier and turn it back on, that same (corrupt) data is still sending through from the computer, so it will likely not resolve the problem unless you follow the steps above.

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