Printing on Envelopes with your Sharp Copier

You can print addresses on envelopes using many programs, including Microsoft Word.

When inserting envelopes in the bypass tray, place them aligned to the left side in the orientation shown below. Only the front side of envelopes can be printed or copied on.

Place the front side facing down.

Important points when using envelopes

✖ Do not print on both sides of an envelope. This may result in misfeeds or poor print quality.
✖ Restrictions apply to some types of envelopes. For more information, consult a qualified service technician.
✖ Some operating environments may cause creasing, smudging, misfeeds, poor toner fusing, or machine failure.

Do not use the following envelopes:

✖ Those with a metal piece, a plastic hook or a ribbon hook 
✖ Those with a string for closing 
✖ Those with a window
✖ Those with a lining
✖ Those with an uneven surface, finished with titling or emboss 
✖ Duplex envelopes or those with adhesive or other synthetic material for sealing 
✖ Hand-made envelopes
✖ Those containing air inside
✖ Those damaged with a crease, fold mark or tear

✖ Envelopes with the corner gluing position on the back not aligned with the corner edge should not be used as it may cause creasing.
✖ Print quality is not guaranteed in the area 10 mm (13/32") around the edges of the envelope.
✖ Print quality is not guaranteed on parts of envelopes where there is a large step-like change of thickness, such as on four-layer parts or parts less than three layers.
✖ Print quality is not guaranteed on envelopes having peel off flaps for sealing the envelopes.

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