"We know exactly who to call in case we need help again in the future."

How cool is it when a client takes the time out of their day to contact your company and compliment the service they've received? We appreciate all your feedback and strive to live up to a high standard of quality customer service- So it's great when we get a message that one of our team members has impressed a client so much, they've wrote us to tell us about it.

Thank you for the moral boost today Beatrice and thank you to Gavin for leaving such a positive impression. This isn't the first time we've received compliments on Gavin's excellent customer service. We're so proud to have such a great team of techs who put in the effort to go the extra mile for our clients. Knowing there's a guarantee of great ongoing service makes us all proud to work for DDS Group.

"I just wanted to share some great feedback about Gavin. Gavin has worked on our printers here twice (today and last July 19) since I've worked here in South Melbourne and he's always been so accommodating and efficient. He always explains his work thoroughly after every service (what the issue is and how he was able to fix it), making it easier for us to understand what we can do next time it happens again.

Please extend our thank you to him, his service is greatly appreciated. We know exactly who to call in case we need help again in the future :) "

- Beatrice Nacor, Community Lead, The Commons