Maybe it's time to Upgrade your Copier
  • Do you find yourself waiting forever at your photocopier for your prints to come out?
  • Has your number of staff outgrown the capacity of your copier?
  • Does your copier jam harder than Bob Marley?

There are many signs that present when it's time to upgrade your business printers, these things can often get overlooked in a busy workplace as we put up with the nuances, but it's worth taking a moment to reassess if your workplace tools are up to par with your staff workflow.

A new photocopier can increase efficiency, not only by reducing downtime and increasing response and speed- modern photocopiers also come with a bunch of standard features that a 5 year old copier could only dream about. Want to scan a printed document and edit it in Microsoft Word? No problem! Need to check your meter count? One touch of the finger! Want to see how much toner is left? It's literally always displayed on the home screen of the photocopier!

To top off all these great features of current range Sharp machines- it's important to know that Sharp photocopiers are now more affordable than ever, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes! If tossing out your old copier in place of a shiny new Sharp Multi function Device sounds just what you need for the New Year, contact us so we can set you up with an obligation free photocopier quote.