This week we celebrate 15 years’ service for two of our special employees. Tom Gorniak and Judi White.

Tom has been here 15 years and Judi a few years longer, needless to say she will soon be hitting the 20 year mark. So it is a belated 15 year celebration for Judi. Judi was Chris’s second ever employee when he started DDS back in 1998.

Judi began with DDS in accounts, a role which she held for many years before making the move into our service department. Judi excelled in both roles and in many ways has been the backbone of DDS. She has seen it all through her time. The High’s, Low’s, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Judi, she just gets the job done. She cares about the job and does everything she can for the benefit of DDS.

Tom joined DDS a few years later and has shown the same qualities as Judi. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Tom and like Judi he is one of the special people on this earth you know 100% you can rely on. Tom has also seen it all at DDS, not long after I joined DDS we had a cleanout and it was just myself and Tom on the road as the only techs looking after around 1,000 machines. Long hours, lots of driving and heaps of pressure. Tom just got the job done without fuss as he always does.

So thank you Tom and Judi for everything you have done for DDS, myself and Chris personally over the years. It is an honour and a privilege to know you and work with you both. I look forward to your friendship and working with you for many years to come. You have both set the standard for our entire team and been a big part of creating the exceptional culture at DDS.

Extremely well deserved awards for two exceptional human beings.

- Bob Cotter, General Manager