“End Point Security”… Sharp has you covered

Threats can appear anytime and anywhere, Sharp ensures you’re always protected.

MFDs and printers are now a vital part of most organisations’ document workflows and business processes, so they are a potential weak spot in your information and network security.

Physical Security Threats –confidential information can be accidentally or deliberately copied from stored documents, Unauthorised personnel can potentially access and enter corporate networks when devices are not fully protected or securely configured.
Network Security Threats –Data stored on a hard disk drive or in the memory of an MFD can be compromised, altered or stolen. Cyber criminals could obtain confidential information by unleashing a phishing campaign, a virus on the network or by hijacking an MFD to launch a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack that targets your internal infrastructure or other external targets.
Legal Responsibilities –Your company is legally responsible for the security of the data that it holds, wherever it is held, including employee records, customer information, account data & commercial information.

The Leader in Digital Information Security –Sharp was the world’s first MFD manufacturer to address security in digital imaging, receiving the first Common Criteria validation for an MFD in 2001 and being the first to achieve an EAL 4 rating for a data security kit. Sharp Security Suite –Sharp helps IT administrators and organisations achieve optimal document & endpoint security. The Sharp Security Suite can prevent unauthorised access to your network and your most confidential information with safeguards that have been designed from the ground-up.

The Sharp Security Suite includes:-

  • MFD security features as standard.
  • Enhanced Data Security Kit (Common Criteria Certified)
  • Print driver and software application security features.
  • Sharp OSA technology-enabled security applications.

Information is the life-blood of an organisation. That’s why the most stringent protection is included as standard.

  • Sharp MFDs do not run a common firmware platform (e.g. Android) so virus or malware threats to our device via USB for example is extremely difficult.
  • Data Encryption / HDD Overwriteis a standard feature on all current models equipped with HDD.
  • Our latest Security Technology includes Firmware self-recovery that prevents data leaks and firmware damage by automatically restoring files when abnormal activity is detected.
  • Retained data can be erased when it’s time to replace the MFD, preventing the leakage of confidential information.

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