Managed Print in Depth

DDS has pioneered an innovative Managed Print system. Previous methods of leasing your machines and paying an extra invoice for a maintenance agreement individually resulted in many invoices and untracked contracts for customers- instead we can now offer all in one solutions, no matter which machines (or software!) /how many machines you need in your fleet, our agreements are all inclusive onto one single cost per copy on one singular agreement and monthly invoice. To make matters even better, these agreements can be term reducing based on how many copies you do!

Flexible Agreement

Upgrade or add new machines anytime during the period of the agreement through a simple variation of the print management plan (some conditions apply) and adjust Mono/Colour volumes as necessary within your contract guidelines. There's also many end of term options for you to decide what to do with the equipment.

Managed Services

No longer worry about managing photocopier consumables and services, all are inclusive in your agreement. DDS monitor networked machines to auto replenish consumables and attain meter reads. Your managed services include all parts, toners, onsite service calls and phone support as needed.

Single Monthly Invoice

Regardless of the amount of machines on the agreement- There will be no separate invoices for rental and service charges, all costs come through on a single monthly invoice, this consolidation makes it simple to track your document expenses, as well as reducing accounting time.

We pride ourselves on our flexibilty so we can propose the perfect solution for your business. Contact us today so we can assess your needs, and improve your document workflow.