As time goes on and your business, team and demand grows- it’s important to keep up to date with the tools that allow your day to day productivity to soar.

Is your Printing Technology Outdated?

Perhaps it’s time to retire your old photocopier, if it doesn’t have the modern features of scanning to email/pc/server, scanning to editable Word/Excel, scan to searchable PDF, Print Release or Cloud connectivity, to name a few features - These become invaluable once utilise and available for everyday use.

Does your Photocopier have Good Security?

Protection of sensitive documents can be assured through Sharp encrypted Adobe PDF files for scanning and printing, or access control and encryption using SSL protocols for scanning, printing, E-mail and setup.

Your old printer, copier or office equipment may have been sufficient in the past, but at some point you should consider your current situation and re-evaluate the requirements of your business. Upgrading may be a lot cheaper and smoother than you think, submit a photocopier quote request to see if it’s right for you!