Alexa for business – Sharp and Amazon (AWS) pioneer the “Smart Office”

Smart Home Technology has revolutionized the way we incorporate tech into our homes, by adjusting the temperature of your home, programming your lighting and integrating with your entertainment.

A technology like Alexa, that's designed to make home life easier…it’s only natural that this technology would move into the business field.

This is exactly what’s happening with a partnership between Amazon Web Services and Sharp Electronics Corporation (USA).

This makes Sharp the first photocopier provider to partner with such a tech giant to truly pioneer the “Smart Office”, and with their powers combined, the possibilities are endless as to how the tech can benefit the day to day business office use.

  • Voice Driven: Allows employees to use voice commands to control their Sharp Photocopier. “Alexa, ask sharp to make 20 copies”
  • Voice commands will also be available across the Sharp Interactive Display line, with a focus on Meeting Room improvements. “Alexa, start the meeting,” Alexa turns on the video conferencing equipment, dials your conference calls and proceeds the meeting.

Alexa For Business boasts a powerful administration panel to truly design the Smart Office suited for each individual business.

We look forward to Australian availability. Watch this space.